Ponchos and Turtlenecks







 Poncho (sold out, love this!) // Turtleneck // Leggings // Boots(Simliar and on sale!) // Bag // Watch // Bracelet (love this)

 Ponchos remind me of my middle school days where everyone was obsessed with them and would wear them everyday. Well, you guessed it, the poncho trend is back. I knew as soon as I saw this poncho I knew I had to have it.

I styled it with a turtleneck sweater to help keep me warm on the colder fall days. I loved how the leather leggings helped to dress the outfit up! Boots and this Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. bag helped to tie the whole outfit together!

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Biker Chic










Jacket (Similar) // Shirt (sold out, butlove this)// Jeans // Flats // Earrings (similar) // Sunglasses // Watch

Whenever I wear this quilted jacket from Zara, I always feel like  such a biker chick! Hence the title of this post ! This jacket is great for fall because it is insulated for the cold weather but not too warm to make you overheat. I decided to pair it with a jeweled collar top from Jcrew to add a bit of a girly look to this edgy jacket. We all know how much I love the glitz so I had to add my silver and white rose earrings and my Tory Burch silver Reva’s.

Its been so cold up here in the northeast, its almost like we skipped fall and went automatically to winter! I have been looking for a warm winter coat for this winter, and it looks like I am going to have to get one sooner than later. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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Fall Layers











 Shirt // Cardigan // Flats (Loving these) // Purse // Watch

Happy Wednesday!

Layers, layers, layers! I can’t get enough of layers during the fall! Not only do layers look cute, but it helps to keep warm. I decided to put together a casual look thats great for everyday wear (not to mention super comfy!). This look would be great for a day of shopping, errands, or anytime you want to keep it sweet and simple! A simple embroidered shirt with a cardigan for added warmth, and a monogram necklace to add some glitz!

We were lucky to have gorgeous weather this weekend! So we decided to go apple picking (as some of you have seen from my instagram). There’s something about picking your own apples that makes them just a little bit sweeter!

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Prints and Glitz

I am going to have to start with an apology because I have not posted in WAYYYY too long! I have been super busy the past couple of months and have been neglecting my blog. SO SO Sorry!

I thought what better way to come back to posting than a transition outfit from Summer to Fall! The leaves have been slowly changing and I have a case of summertime sadness. I put this outfit together with both fall and summer in mind. Although I do have to admit that this post was supposed to be posted a couple weeks ago when it was a lot hotter outside! Oppps!





 Every girl needs a good pair of wedges. I was in love with these wedges from the instant I tried them on. Its safe to say they have been a staple this past summer!


 The orange in the necklace really helped to make the orange in the harem pants pop.





Pants (similar) // Top // Necklace  (similar)// Wedges (similar)

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Red Coat

Pretty Little Liars has been getting pretty intense lately! So I decided to dedicate a fashion blog post to the infamous “red coat.” I am not going to give away any spoilers just in case some of you readers aren’t caught up on the series.

The weather has been fluctuating a lot lately. So I never know to dress for warm or cold weather. But today the low is 18 degrees, so I figured I would bring my jacket back out (just when I was getting used to the warm weather).


I was inspired by an outfit that the infamous Olivia Palermo had worn about a year ago. I fell in love with the ensemble when I saw it, so I decided to wear something similar with my own style!









DSC_0632Sweater (Sold out, Similar) // Coat // Skirt // Necklace // Watch // Sunglasses (Sold out, Similar)

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From the South to the North

I recently  was able to travel to two different states over the past couple of weekends, both on separate sides of the country. I was able to visit my best friend in Athens, Georgia, and then able to visit Boston, Massachusetts.  Going from the deep south to northern New England was amazing getting to experience the different types of people, places, and food that each state had to offer.

First stop was Athens, Georgia:

The land where the tea is almost as sweet as the southern beaus. If I ever went to school down south it probably would have been University of Georgia. I fell in love with the old southern charm and  atmosphere  along with the heartwarming people of Athens! Its safe to say that I did not want to leave, and my weekend visit was way too short!

I loved the “southern style” of some of the girls down south with the monograms, pearls, and bows (three of my personal favorites). The style of the southern gentlemen wasn’t too shabby either with their button downs and chino pants. I especially loved the  game day attire, which is where I spotted these  adorable pants:

photo 2

And I was loving all the dresses and cowboy boots!

photo 4

I had to take part in all the festivities of course, I even learnt some of the chants.

photo 5

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

The campus was gorgeous!

photo 4

I loved the BBQ and southern comfort food that they had in downtown Athens.

photo 5

I had to finish the trip off with a picture with the official dawg 🙂


Overall my trip to Georgia was great and I can’t wait to visit again!

Second stop was Boston, Massachusetts:

My visit to Boston was very short and I wasn’t able to enjoy it all too much because I got sick towards the end of the trip. Although I do visit Boston a lot so I have seen a lot of the sights and been shopping on Newbury a couple of times. Here are some pictures from my sunny weekend in Boston (the weather was so beautiful for the weekend I visited).

A picture of the Prudential building and the fountains in front of it is a must see when visiting.

photo 1

Of course we had to stop and take a picture in front of the fountains (you can see a slight rainbow behind us)!

photo 2

Finished off the trip with a MUST HAVE! Of course it was georgetown cupcakes, my favorite cupcake ever!

photo 3

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Traveling OOTD

When I was younger my mother always taught me that when traveling you always have to look presentable. As I grew older I continued to listen to her advice but I always knew that I wanted to look comfortable and casual at the same time. So for my recent trip to Bermuda I decided to wear the following outfit during the flight:

DSC_0010 DSC_0014 DSC_0006 DSC_0004 DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0029

It was hard to dress for both the cold and the hot since I was going from fall weather to essentially summer. But I thought that this mix helped to keep me warm when I needed to be warm and helped to cool me off once I got into the tropical heat.

Shirt: Jcrew// Pants: Forever 21// Bangles: Alex and Ani//

Shoes: Sperry Topsider// Watch: Michael Kors//

Monogram Necklace: Max & Chloe// Sunglasses: Tory Burch